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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Prozac Nation

Ultimately, it's hard to recommend this film to anybody, since it has nothing particularly insightful to reveal to the viewer, whether or not they have experienced depression or known a sufferer. When films are delayed for as long as this, it's all too easy to become convinced that what is being held back is some sort of misunderstood gem or a groundbreaking masterpiece that has given the studio cold feet, but in this case the attention simply is not deserved. As such, Prozac Nation is perhaps worth seeing for Christina Ricci's impressive and dedicated performance, but it fails to entertain or be emotionally satisfying.

Delayed for four years, Erik Skjoldbjærg's Prozac Nation has finally made it to DVD. Sadly, Christina Ricci's ambitious and powerful performance is one of the few bright spots in this otherwise unsatisfying and self-occupied plod through depression. Buena Vista's R1 DVD is reasonable on the audio-visual front but is essentially bare-bones.

Review at DVD Times.


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