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Friday, April 14, 2006

Captain Whiggles purchases a scanner

I can't remember whether or not I bothered telling you, but my scanner broke last year, and, frankly, I was beyond caring so I didn't bother replacing it. I didn't have much need to, given that there wasn't much that I particularly wanted to scan. Recently, though, I've found myself missing having the ability to throw a sheet of paper into the tray, press a button and have it magically appear on my computer screen.

This afternoon, I decided to finally do something about my lack of scanification and buy a new one, so over to Amazon I went and picked up a Canon Lide 25 for £35. Of course, everywhere seems to be shutting up shop for the Easter holidays (apparently someone died or came back to life or something), so I probably won't see it till later on next week.

If you too would like to buy exactly the same scanner as me (and earn yourself a place aboard the HMS Whimsy) be sure to click the link. You see, I've sold out and become an Amazon.co.uk Associate. Hopefully they won't kick me out like Google did.


  • Yes, everything shuts down, but at least there's chocolate.

    By Baron Scarpia, at 17:48  

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