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Friday, September 15, 2006

Blu-ray Ben gets the boot

Blu-raySource: High-Def Digest

Benjamin Feingold, head of Sony Home Video and the man commonly nicknamed "Blu-ray Ben" due to his prominent role in garnering industry support for the format, has stepped down. Whether he did so voluntarily or was pushed is unknown, but I certainly wouldn't trust the man who allowed turkeys like the terrible transfers for the Blu-ray releases of The Fifth Element and House of Flying Daggers to be put out under his watch to be in charge of anything video-related. Stepping in is former MGM Home Entertainment boss David Bishop.

Update, 12:53: He was fired. And he was also in charge of the UMD line - sort of speaks for itself.


  • Interesting! Clearly all is not well in the Blu-ray camp.

    Getting the former head of MGM - hands-down the worst major studio, DVD-wise - to take over hardly sounds like the ideal solution.

    By Philly Q, at 22:15  

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