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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 5, Episode 10: Into the Woods

DVDWritten and Directed by Marti Noxon

Captain Cardboard finally sets sail in this episode, leaving in a blaze of flashing lights and whirring helicopter blades. Spike pretty much sums up his problem in this very episode: Buffy needs a man with "some monster in him", which Riley just doesn't have. Basically, he's too normal. This is not an episode I'm too wild about, though, mainly because it has the cringe-inducing moment of Buffy running after Riley's exiting helicopter screaming "Riiiiiiilllllleeeeeeeyyyyyy!" multiple times. Still, there are some moments I like, such as Buffy's clood-blooded torching of the vampire nest, Willow and Anya's argument in the Magic Box, and even Spikes conversation with Riley, where the two enemies finally make their peace and share a bottle.

Oh, and it's taken me this long to get the metaphor of Riley being sucked off (i.e. through an artery) by a lady vampire who's being paid money for the favour. I can be rather slow sometimes.

Overall rating: 7/10.

Next time: Triangle.


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