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A test version of the main page for my new layout is now available at At the moment, the Movable Type code has been implemented for the main page, while the rest of the pages (individual entries, monthly archives, etc.) still have the default Movable Type template and style sheet. In theory, though, it should be fully functional as a blog, and you’re welcome to peruse it, and try posting a comment or two if you like. You’ll probably find that a lot of the links don’t work yet, of course. (And the meaning of the “more posts” section at the bottom of the page will become clear once there are a few more entries.) And, as always, feel free to tell me what you like and don’t like about it. I’m particularly eager to hear about any browser incompatibilities.

I’ve decided not to go with a calendar-based archive, by the way - not because of any difficulty in implementing it, but because I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a fairly pointless endeavour for a site like mine, which often has more than one entry posted to it in a single day, and operates around individual and monthly rather than daily archives.

Oh, and a quick word on fonts. I’ve selected Arial as the “main” font (with Helvetica as a fallback for those who don’t have it), and Garamond for post titles and the first paragraph of each entry. Most of the headings default to Calibri, which is currently my favourite sans serif font. Unfortunately, Calibri is only distributed with Windows Vista, Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac and the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack, so I’d imagine a lot of people won’t have it. In that case, the style sheet will fall back to Arial, then Helvetica.

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I have to admit that it takes some time getting used to the new font for the first paragraph.

Posted by: Peter von Frosta, May 23, 2009 12:05 PM


"I have to admit that it takes some time getting used to the new font for the first paragraph."

The whole *big* first paragraph doesn't quite work. Just my opinion. Looks a bit silly in a magazine/newspaper-y way...

Posted by: Erik, May 24, 2009 1:50 AM


If the general consensus is that the first paragraph isn’t working, I’ll drop it. I’m certainly not sold on it myself.

Posted by: Michael Mackenzie, May 24, 2009 10:33 AM


Couple of minor points, in your core.css there's a lot of duplication of font-family entries, which might make future customisation difficult.

You could merge those:

body {
font-family: Arial, Helvetica, Sans-Serif, sans-serif;
h1,h2,h3,h6 {
font-family: 'Calibri', Arial, Helvetica, Sans-Serif, sans-serif;
h4,h4.dvdtitle,h4.sectiontitle,h5 {
font-family: 'Garamond', Times, Serif, serif;

In addition, fonts are of course very biased by personal opinion, but I'd probably recommend using sans-serif fonts for your actual heading entries, and perhaps specifying Gill Sans as the leader for that. Mac users would probably appreciate the higher quality fonts available to them also. I'd also probably just fall back to sans-serif rather than specifying horrid horrid Arial :-)

Perhaps something like the following specifications would be good?

body {
font-family: Lucida Grande, HelveticaNeue, Calibri, Helvetica, sans-serif;
h1,h2,h3,h4,h4.dvdtitle,h4.sectiontitle,h5,h6 {
font-family: "Gill Sans", "Gill Sans MT", GillSansMT, GillSans, Calibri, Helvetica, sans-serif;

Posted by: Dom, May 27, 2009 9:40 AM


Thanks, Dom. This is exactly the sort of feedback I’ve been hoping for. I agree, the stylesheet really needs to be streamlined and it was very much on my “to do” list, but I’m very grateful for you for providing these pointers.

As for fonts, I personally have no problem with Arial and, believe it or not, prefer it to Helvetica. And I’m partial to serif fonts for headers, but I’ll bear in mind your suggestions and experiment a bit to see if I can come up with something I like. Cheers!

Posted by: Michael Mackenzie, May 27, 2009 6:09 PM

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