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The countdown continues


As far as new site design goes, the whole thing is basically content-complete as of writing, meaning that all that’s left to do is finish streamlining the style sheet and track down any remaining bugs/inconsistences/dead URLs.

I’ve converted the handful of DVD reviews I wrote for Land of Whimsy (rather than DVD Times) over to the new layout (for example, see the new-look Amélie), as well as the three academic essays I’ve published on the site, but other written material, such as my cartoon reviews and DVD image comparison, still retain the design for Land of Whimsy v1 or, in many cases, v9. Especially with the comparisons, there’s simply too much material to go through again. In any event, much of it no longer meets my standards as far as technical commentary goes, so it strikes me that it’s better to archive the content and revisit pertinent titles as and when I’m able.

When the new site goes live on Monday, I’ll post a complete breakdown of the changes that have been made, although you’ll probably find that most of them are purely cosmetic.

Update, May 29th, 2009 06:06 PM: Thanks to a last-minute brainwave, I’ve managed to cut the site’s load time by half and stop it from being such a CPU hog. The reason? Let’s just say that the previous (incredibly inefficient) design required a “bgbody.jpg” background image with dimensions of 956x15,000 pixels (!!). I suddenly realised how obviously this could be fixed, and the result is that the image is now a mere 940x1 pixels in dimensions, and is a fraction of the file size to boot. Who says good things don’t come in small packages?

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heh, i thought the new design had been loading slowly but i just assumed my bandwidth was low that day :) loads super quick now, great job

Posted by: Dom, May 29, 2009 9:44 PM

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