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The Disney Aesthetic

Is it possible to identify a Disney "aesthetic"? What would be the main qualities of this aesthetic? Illustrate your answer with reference to no more than three feature length Disney films.

The above is the question, the essay is my answer. [More]


Giallo and gender: A study of issues of sexuality in 1970s Italian thrillers

I wrote this essay of around 3,000 words for the Core Course component of my MLitt. The actual wording of the assignment was a little odd, requiring me to identify the methodological approach of one of the essays I'd studied during the course, which explains why it makes some seemingly irrelevant mentions of Richard Dyer's Entertainment and Utopia article. [More]


Points of View: The camera and subjectivity in Profondo Rosso

I wrote this essay of around 5,000 words for the Screen Bodies component of my Film Studies MLitt. [More]




This section contains an archive of essays I've written that I feel like sharing with the world. They may be university projects, or else simply pieces of writing I've done that are so pompous that they simply must be catalogued.