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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 6, Episode 12: Doublemeat Palace


Written by Jane Espenson; Directed by Nick Marck

Wow, this episode is even worse than I remembered it. It’s hard to believe that Jane Espenson, who wrote great episodes like Band Candy and Earshot, churned out this tedious stinker about the thrills of working in fast food. And once again I’m wanting to know why Buffy has to work while Willow, who’s still living in her house, can lounge about all day trying not to take drugs… I mean trying not to do spells. And why does Buffy have to work in the lowest-paid, most unpleasant job possible? Oh, that’s right, because this season demands that everyone be as miserable as possible. Hey - why doesn’t she get Amy or Tara to magic some dollar bills into existence? If you can turn a man into a dancing strawberry, I’m sure creating money is a doddle.

Other complaints: the interaction between Anya and her vengeance demon buddy Halfrek feels like something out of those tenth-rate sitcoms like Will and Grace or Friends. And what’s with the running gag that Xander is greedy? I presume it has something to do with Nicholas Brendon’s noticeable weight gain, but really, it feels tired and desperate. It’s pretty clear that they’ve run out of interesting things to do with this character. And I’m really starting to notice how bored Sarah Michelle Gellar is getting. Not that I blame her - I’m sure anyone would eventually get sick of playing a character who barely so much as cracks a smile.

Overall rating: 2/10.

Next time: Dead Things.

Posted: Wednesday, September 20, 2006 at 5:58 PM
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