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Halloween reviews special: Plot of Fear

Plot of Fear may disappoint viewers who like their gialli exotic or camp, and as a straight murder mystery, it’s not perfect. Still, as an example of the genre at its more serious and downtrodden, this is a compelling thriller with a palpable atmosphere of pessimism and distrust. It may lack the grandeur of an Argento or the viscera of a Fulci, but Cavara’s film is a fine addition to the genre and one that can boast to offer something slightly different from the usual run of animal-titled chic slashers.

I return to the world of the giallo with a review of Plot of Fear, a bleak 1976 thriller from Paolo Cavara, starring Corinne Clery. Raro Video’s R0 Italian DVD offers both English and Italian audio but features a disappointing transfer and a lack of extras.

Posted: Monday, October 30, 2006 at 9:02 AM | Comments: 1
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Well done to Raro for putting this out(uncut as well!),even if the image is a bit soft i'm just glad they decided to release it.I remember seeing a very grainy nth generation Italian language vhs of this nearly 10 years and being happy just to have seen it as it was so hard to come by so now it's out offically with an English dub is great.If you've been through the wilderness years of tape trading when the only way to see these films was through classified ads in fanzines and underground film fairs in Watford then the fact it has been released at all is a blessing in its self.

Posted by: Stephen Grimes, October 30, 2006 5:02 PM

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