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Mother of Tears production begins soon

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Dario Argento : effettuati i sopralluoghi a Torino nell’ultima settimana di agosto, partiranno il 23 ottobre, e proseguiranno per sei settimane, le riprese del suo nuovo film, La terza madre , protagonista Asia Argento; cast tecnico locale: 30 unità.
Produzione Opera Film tel. 06/80691277

Hi everybody

it seems the locations in Turin were surveyed at the end of August and a tunnel for the final horrific scene was chosen. The shooting will start on October 23rd with a local crew of 30 people and it’ll last for six weeks.

Even though Turin has always proved visually magnificent in Argento’s films, I still hope the movie will be partly set in the Italian capital. Just imagine Dario’s visionary flair in the catacombs of Ancient Rome…


This is most excellent news, although the news that the production is to take place in Turin rather than Rome (which I believe I read before) is rather surprising. Given that we know from Inferno that Mater Lachrymarum holds rule over Rome, I’m assuming Turin will be standing in for the capital city in much the same way that it did in Profondo Rosso. Still, I’m slightly disappointed that we won’t be seeing any of the landmarks - I’d love to have seen the exterior of the library from Inferno again, for example. Ah well, perhaps there will be some location shooting.

Update, October 12, 2006 10:36 PM: Fangoria has a piece on the news as well. Apparently Udo Kier will be playing “a priest/exorcist”.

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Fact is, Turin has a very well established local Film Commission that's usually very supporting, both economically and logistically, toward producers and directors willing to shot there.

I don't have exact numbers, but I know in recent years they've managed to be competitive with Rome/Cinecitta' (oh well, Italian production amounts to around 100 movies per year, so that's not saiying much)

Posted by: MCP, October 12, 2006 7:52 PM

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