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The Do-It-Yourself Giallo Generator

A Yellow Parrot in a Darkened Room

Directed by Carlo Plagiarino

A frantic young woman is found dead with her head and hands cut off on stage, in front of an audience which doesn’t understand what’s going on. Her brother is unsatisfied with the official explanation of the killing. After discovering an old painting, he discovers that he himself is actually responsible; his own lover is forced to kill him before he can kill again.

I posted this link before a couple of years back, but it’s so damn neat it bears repeating. The Do-It-Yourself Giallo Generator perfectly captures everything that makes the wackiest gialli so wacky, from the ridiculous animal-themed titles with no relation to anything in the film, to the convoluted and/or nonsensical plots. Anyone who is a fan of the genre should get a kick out of this well-observed send-up.

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LOL! Carlo Plagiarino seems to pop up more than the others: he's probably the star director, or the twelve-movies-per-year kind of guy that abounded in Sixties/Seventies.

Posted by: , October 14, 2006 1:33 PM

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