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Alan Jones on The Third Mother

Source: Dark Dreams

Straight from the Turin set of Dario Argento’s concluding chapter in the Three Mothers trilogy, all-round Argento expert Alan Jones has provided a detailed report of what’s going on. It’s considerably less spoiler-intensive than his usual reports (Argento specifically asked him not to give too much away, because he wants audiences to be surprised), but a vast amount of new information has been conveyed, and I’ve decided to summarise what I consider to be the most important developments here.

  • The title is definitely La Terza Madre/The Third Mother. “Mother of Tears” was the title Myriad Pictures wanted to use, but they are no longer involved with the project. Medusa is now funding the entire project themselves, having gone all-out due to fan anticipation.
  • A lot of the information provided in Jones’ May 2006 script review is no longer accurate, as, in typical Argento fashion, the script has been in a constant state of flux and major changes have been made to scenes right before being shot. This includes the ending, which will be completely different from what was originally conceived.
  • Shooting is expected to be completed in mid-December.
  • The colour scheme, unlike the previous two films, will begin cold and muted, and gradually become richer and redder as the film progresses.
  • Confirmed cast and characters: Asia Argento (Sarah Mandy), Adam James (Michael Pierce), Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni (Giselle), Udo Kier (Padre Johannes), Daria Nicolodi (Elisa - presumably Elise Stallone Van Alder, Sarah’s mother who appears to her as a ghost), Cristian Solimeno (Detective Enzo Marchi), Franco Leo (Monsignor Brusca), Tommaso Banfi (Padre Miseli), Valeria Cavalli (Marta), Silvia Rubino (Elga), Moran Atias (Mater Lachrymarum).
  • Argento intends to have the film finished in time for the Cannes Film Festival 2007, and the UK premiere is expected to be at FrightFest 2007 later in the year.

A lot of exciting information to be sure. Exclusive set photos are expected to go online soon, and I’ll link to them when they become available.

Update, November 18, 2006 04:43 PM: Pictures are now available. I’ve changed the link to go to the dedicated page for the report at Dark Dreams, which contains the photos and should be more permanent than the forum post. To see the discussion, follow this link.

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I hope that Argento made Script-Changes because of artistic intentions and not due to budgetary restrictions.
Moran Atias is hot, a good substitute for Ania Pieroni.
I really hope that this will become Argento's greatest work since "Opera".

Posted by: Kamyar-MZ, November 18, 2006 3:21 PM


I know what you mean. I expect that budgetary concessions will have had to be made at some point. Still, if the reason for Myriad pulling out was disagreement over casting choices, I’d personally rather Argento had less money to work with than be forced to go with Sienna Miller for the lead - someone that neither he nor, I suspect, the fans, would have wanted.

Posted by: Whiggles, November 18, 2006 4:45 PM

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