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Well, that’s it: the Playstation 3 is on its way. Lyris found one online from a US supplier at a price that, all things considered, seemed too good to refuse - especially given that, Sony being Sony and clamping down on exporter with an iron fist, it was a miracle that we found a US store that would ship one to the UK at all (and I’m not going to link to the store or even name them, because I know for a fact that Sony would do a Lik-Sang on their asses if they found out). The cute little rhyme I used for the title of this post is depressingly appropriate: I’m going to need to beg my parents to lend me some money when the bill comes in. As I’ve said before, hopefully I’ll have a job before too long and can afford to pay it off. I’m also selling a bunch of old DVDs on eBay, which I’m hoping will at least pay for the inevitable customs charge.

Oh, and because there’s not much point in owning a Crapstation and having nothing to play on it (what, you think I’d buy it for its looks?), I went over to DVD Pacific and ordered a few discs: Kingdom of Heaven: Director’s Cut, Enemy of the State and The Descent. Unfortunately, these are all MPEG2 titles, and Kingdom of Heaven has had all of its extras stripped out so that the whole film could fit on to a single BD50 using that bloated relic of a codec, so I doubt that these will be the finest examples of the format. We all have to start somewhere, though, and I’d personally rather pick up films I like rather than buy discs featuring decent transfers but crap films (something that both formats apparently have more than their fair share of).

The discs and the Crapstation should both be arriving in about a week’s time, so I’ll have the full scoop for you soon. In the meantime, if anyone is feeling unnaturally altruistic, massive cash donations would be much appreciated.

Posted: Thursday, January 25, 2007 at 8:45 PM | Comments: 2
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If I believed in religious mythology I would say that you are going to hell for this.

Well, for this and for making fun of Nicholas Cage's performance in The Wicker Man.

Posted by: Lyris, January 25, 2007 11:33 PM


It's a good decision, especially since I don't see the PS3's price tag coming down for a year or two, maybe you guys will turn out to be hardcore PS3 gamers by next year ;)

"I like rather than buy discs featuring decent transfers but crap films"

It's a pity that I don't have the sort of restraint that you do, especially without HD DVD rentals in the UK. I've splurged on PQ titles which aren't even worth watching like the Hulk, Chronicles of Riddick(Pitch Black is far far better as a film), King Kong, Fast and Furious 3 etc. As of now, these discs are only good for showing the format to friends but have no aesthetic or even entertainment value whatsoever.

Posted by: aw, January 26, 2007 3:50 AM

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