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Tim Lucas on the new Lizard


I’m expecting my own sample copy to arrive at some point very soon, at which point I’ll offer my own opinions, but it would seem that the redoubtable Tim Lucas has beaten everyone to it, posting his impressions of Media Blasters’ new integral release of Lucio Fulci’s A Lizard in a Woman’s Skin on his Video WatchBlog.

Shriek Show is hoping to make good for their earlier release by issuing a new and improved single-disc remaster of Fulci’s classic psycho-thriller that, they hope, will provide the best of all possible Lucertoli for the film’s admirers. Having been given a first look at the new disc, I can attest that this new version is — like the Federal presentation — a unique cut of the film that was likely never shown in any theater anywhere in the world. It runs a full minute longer than Federal’s earlier composite and is certainly the most complete version of the film likely to surface on DVD.

Visit Lucas’ site for a full rundown of his findings: it certainly seems like this release is as complete as humanly possible, although a handful of his references to footage missing from various versions is inaccurate (for example, the Federal Video DVD was missing some Sapphic canoodling during the opening dream sequence, not the footage of Florinda Bolkan writhing around as referred to by Lucas), so there is still room for doubt in a couple of instances. In any event, you can expect a full rundown of what is and (hopefully not) isn’t on the new DVD when my copy arrives, as well as a full-blown review at DVD Times. Preliminary observations, however, would suggest that Media Blasters have come up with a winner.

Stay tuned!

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I shouldn't have sold my old copy in such a rush. It had a neat slipcase, which seems to be absent from this version.

Posted by: Phantom, January 12, 2007 11:23 PM


The timecodes and basic descriptions of amended/variant footage in the new LIZARD disc were provided to me (as clearly labelled) by Shriek Show's Richard York, who worked on the continuity's restoration. I wrote the timecoded details based on his notes. My point being, the basic information therein does not represent MY inaccuracy, but trusted information provided to me about the restoration by an inside source.

That said, I did a fair amount of homework prior to writing today's blog, watching two different presentations of the film in their entirety and spot-checking two others -- and it's one of the longer blogs I've written. Should your mileage on the disc's particulars differ from mine (and Richard's), I hope we can at least agree about its worth on the bottom line. I look forward to your comments on the disc, once you have seen it.

Tim Lucas

Posted by: Tim Lucas, January 13, 2007 12:49 AM


Tim, I don’t mean to imply any inaccuracy on your part, and as I don’t have the disc myself I certainly don’t want to start making assumptions about what is (or isn’t) there. In any event, the piece I refer to should be on the new disc, since I asked Richard myself via email whether or not it had been accounted for, and he confirmed that it was.

Posted by: Whiggles, January 13, 2007 1:27 AM

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