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Mulholland Definition

HD DVD/Blu-ray

(Thanks to ShawnDuHast)

A while back, I reported that I’d cancelled my pre-order of the French HD DVD release of Mulholland Dr. due to a worry that it would have forced French subtitles when English audio was selected. A post at the AV Science Forum suggested that Optimum was planning on releasing it in the UK at around the same time, and it would appear that this was correct, because ChoicesUK now have it up for pre-order for a very reasonable £14.99, with a release date of March 26th. Of course, I’ve placed my order - this will be the first title in my personal Top 20 list of films (Top 5, actually) that I’ll own in high definition.

Posted: Wednesday, February 21, 2007 at 10:59 PM
Categories: Cinema | HD DVD

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