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Mulholland Dr. MIA?


Source: DVD Times

UK DVD distributor Optimum Releasing recently added three HD DVD titles to the catalogue on their web site: The Deer Hunter, Brotherhood of the Wolf and Mulholland Dr., the latter of which was a shoe-in for me and one that I immediately pre-ordered. However, DVD Times recently contacted Optimum for confirmation and was told that, while the first two titles will indeed by coming out, Mulholland Dr. has been “postponed indefinitely”.

This is a kick in the teeth for me, given how much I was looking forward to seeing one of my favourite films in high definition. It’s still scheduled to come out in France from Studio Canal on March 5th, but my fear is that it will have forced French subtitles when English audio is selected. The technical specs for the disc list only French subtitles, which should have warning signs going off already. Indeed, tonight I checked out my copy of Studio Canal’s Basic Instinct HD DVD, and sure enough, if you select French in the country selection screen when you pop in the disc, the only audio options available to you are French or English with French subtitles, despite the fact that the disc is crammed full of an array of audio and subtitle languages. If the French edition of Mulholland Dr. is only intended to be sold in France, then chances are we will be unable to select anything other than these two language options.

All is not lost, though. Just today, ChoicesUK updated their listing for the UK release by adding the final cover art, complete with English text and BBFC certificate. This does give me an admittedly slim hope that the UK release has actually not been cancelled after all, and that the Optimum representative DVD Times spoke to simply got their wires crossed. I admit that I’m probably just clutching at straws, though, and, if it does turn out to be cancelled, I’m just going to have to pick up the French release after all, forced subs or not.

Update, March 1st, 2007 11:23 PM: According to DVD Times poster ShawnDuhast, who contacted Optimum, Mulholland Dr. will be coming “sooner rather than later”, but there is no confirmed release date yet.

Posted: Wednesday, February 28, 2007 at 9:01 PM
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