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Business is booming


Blu-ray sales have just shot through the roof at, thanks to the site discounting over 40 titles to half price (meaning that 20th Century Fox titles now cost the same as a normal Blu-ray disc). If this is part of a concerted effort at Camp Blu-ray to boost their sales, it seems to be working. Indeed, they’ve managed to sucker me in - the opportunity to upgrade to a high definition copy of the delightful cheese-fest that is Resident Evil: Apocalypse for only $14.49 was to enticing to pass up. You may remember that I pre-ordered this title back in May 2006, when my first HD player was going to be of the Blu-ray variety, and when the title was going to be released in June. When those plans fell through, I cancelled it - as did Sony, who, in the end, didn’t actually release this title until January 16th 2007. Well, now it seems that what was originally going to be one of my first ever HD titles will be winging its way to me after all, a mere nine months later than originally planned.

Predictably, certain Blu-ray fanboys are whooping and cheering, clearly of the belief that this is proof that HD DVD is finished. Obviously, they fail to understand the concept of a sale: the whole point is to shift more copies. What did people expect to happen? Do they not think that something similar would happen if a bunch of HD DVD titles got a 50% discount? Of course, the massive rise in sales can only be followed by an even more massive plummet as customers, having frittered away their entire movie-buying budget in the sale, hold off on the buying for the next several weeks.

Posted: Tuesday, March 06, 2007 at 11:04 PM
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