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Come one, come all

She has a gun for a leg! How can you NOT love that?

She has a gun for a leg! How can you not love that?

This is going to be pretty old news for most people, but I’ve been reading up on the upcoming Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez collaboration Grindhouse. Described in the tagline as “the sleaze-filled saga of an exploitation double feature”, this throwback to the 70s features everything you could hope for in a good old-fashioned guilty pleasure: guns, exploding cars, death-defying stunts, saucy ladies, and the perennial favourite: beat-up, scratched-to-hell, grainy film stock (something which, judging by the trailers, works wonders for the aesthetic and overall mood).

There’s a fairly decent making-of available at, featuring Tarantino, Rodriguez and their compadres spazzing out over how cool the show is going to be. And it’s certainly infectious - I can’t wait to see the finished film when it launches (it’s coming out in the US on April 6th, although a UK release date has yet to be announced), although I’m slightly worried by the news that the distributors are considering splitting the two segments into separate movies outside the US. Apparently, this is because of a fear that non-American movie-goers will not be familiar with the whole double bill concept. This strikes me as more than a little naïve: surely the whole point, with this film, is to bring back a long-dead phenomenon and introduce it to a generation that has never experienced the thrill of the grindhouse? Ah well, whatever form it shows up in, I definitely intend to catch this one at the cinema… and of course, there’s the HD DVD to look forward to.

Update, March 16th, 2007 11:26 AM: Seems you now have to register as a member at the Rose McGowan site to see the videos.

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"Seems you now have to register as a member at the Rose McGowan site to see the videos."
Not on a Mac...

And I cant wait for GRINDHOUSE!

Posted by: ARCVILE, March 16, 2007 1:18 PM

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