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DVD review: Perversion Story

Given that more than ten minutes of important material are missing from this release, it’s difficult to call Severin’s DVD of Perversion Story definitive. It is, however, a legitimate cut of the film, and as such it still gets my recommendation, albeit with the warning that, if you are already familiar with the film in its more widely available English form, you are likely to find some of the instances of missing footage rather distracting. Until a more complete edition comes along, though, Severin’s package is probably the best way to view this long-lost giallo gem.

Better known as One on Top of the Other, Lucio Fulci’s long-lost first giallo finally arrives on DVD from Severin Films as Perversion Story. I’ve reviewed their 2-disc release, courtesy of DVD Pacific.

I’ve also made my comparison available in HTML form here, with some handy screen captures to illustrate some of the differences.

Posted: Friday, March 02, 2007 at 12:31 PM
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