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DVD review: Waking the Dead: Series 4

Waking the Dead is one of these shows that can rub people the wrong way. Many viewers dislike the character of Boyd and his temper tantrums, and the manner in which Trevor Eve portrays him (although, in comparison with the most recent series, he is an absolute saint here). Others find it confusing for the sake of being confusing (again, this may be true of later series, but the cases presented here are for the most part, logical). I consider it an excellent series, however, and one which, at least at this stage in its life, could be relied on to deliver solid entertainment week in, week out. It may be resembling CSI more and more with every year that passes (there’s always something slightly painful about an older child aping its younger siblings), but it’s nice to see a home-grown crime series which doesn’t insist on insulting its audience’s intelligence.

With the sixth series of Waking the Dead having recently drawn to a close, I’ve taken a look at the Cold Case Squad’s fourth series, released on DVD by 2 Entertain.

Posted: Thursday, March 08, 2007 at 11:38 PM
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