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This morning, I received a copy of the Korean Blu-ray release of Casino Royale from YesAsia. The Korean release, as you may be aware, is, unlike the US version, supposed to be uncensored. Warning lights should have gone off immediately when the disc booted in English and with exactly the same audio and subtitle configurations as the US disc I already own, and a brief glance at the black and white bathroom beating which opens the film confirmed my worst fears: whatever the state of the theatrical and standard definition DVD releases of the film in Korea, the Blu-ray version is the same butchered PG-13 rated cut released in America. Actually, it’s the exact same disc, right down to the “Made in the USA” text on the label. Naturally, I’ll be selling one of them as soon as possible.

Needless to say, I would still like to get my hands on an uncut copy of the film, but I won’t be doing so until I’ve had explicit confirmation that a version exists on Blu-ray that hasn’t fallen foul of the scissors of either the MPAA, the BBFC or the FSK (the body in charge of film and video ratings in Germany, who also saw fit to interfere with Casino Royale). Of course, the real culprit in all this mess is Sony for insisting on low age ratings, but, having seen the film in both its cut and uncut states, I have to say that I find the censors’ editorial decisions to be rather silly. I mean, how can a shot of a bad guy grabbing Eva Green’s leg elevate the film from PG-13 to R territory?

Je suis pissé, as the French would say.


There’s better news all round for the HD DVD camp, however. After a slow few months, sales figures are continuing to rise. Cue the Blu-ray camp once again claiming that the sales figures are meaningless - funny how the boot was on the other foot a couple of weeks ago when the Blu crew had a clear lead. Meanwhile, I received a review copy of the HD DVD/DVD combo release of Children of Men, and I’m pleased to report that it features an excellent transfer and a top notch audio mix (only Dolby Digital-Plus 5.1, no TrueHD, but I doubt many people will complain when they hear it). In fact, I’d go so far as to place them both in the lower 10/10 band, or at the very least upper 9/10. The film is brilliant too. I wanted to see this when it was on at the cinema, but, as is usually the case, I never got around to going. Watching it in high definition with an excellent transfer on Lyris’s brand new 5.1 setup is, I suppose, the next best thing. I highly recommend checking it out if you get the opportunity, although a glance at the DVD side of this combo release reveals that the standard definition transfer is, erm, not very good.

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Being French, I can assure you that "Je suis pissé" doesn't mean a thing. Unless you want to say "I am peed". ;)

Posted by: Holden, March 31, 2007 5:24 PM


Yes, I was a little unsure about that translation myself. To be honest, I meant it as a joke, although it probably wasn’t a very successful one.

How would you say “I am pissed” in French, out of interest?

Posted by: Whiggles, March 31, 2007 5:26 PM


Don't worry, I understood the joke. You could say: "Ça fait chier".

Posted by: Holden, March 31, 2007 5:33 PM


Ça fait chier

How rude!

Posted by: Baron Scarpia, March 31, 2007 8:08 PM


"Je suis pissé, as the French would say."
This is NOT french.

Posted by: ARCVILE, April 2, 2007 2:08 AM


Yes, this has already been pointed out to me. See above.

Posted by: Whiggles, April 2, 2007 6:29 AM


Oups! Sorry!

Posted by: ARCVILE, April 3, 2007 3:20 PM


At least the Scandinavian-release (meaning Blu-ray) should be uncut:

# Casino Royale (Finland) - B - yes (NOTE: Uncut version, 2hr 24min 34 sec)
# Casino Royale (USA) - A - no (NOTE: Cut version, 2hr 24min 12sec)
# Casino Royale (UK) - ABC - yes (NOTE: Another cut version, 2hr 24min 20 sec)

Posted by: Jari K, April 10, 2007 7:57 AM


Glad to hear it, Jari, although it it’s Region B it won’t be any use to me. In any event, I’ll wait for definite confirmation on its cut status before shelling out for another copy.

Posted by: Whiggles, April 10, 2007 4:30 PM

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