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Bourne on the 24th of July

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Universal have made an official announcement about the upcoming HD DVD release of The Bourne Identity, confirming that it will be hitting store shelves on July 24th, just over a week before the theatrical release of the third film in the franchise, The Bourne Ultimatum. The second entry, The Bourne Supremacy, was one of the first HD DVDs I ever owned, at about the same time last year, and, while it left me rather cold, I very much enjoyed The Bourne Identity (mainly because of the excellent Franka Potente, who made for a far more effective point of audience identification than Matt “gorilla-features” Damon), so I’ll definitely be picking it up in high definition.

No word on the extras yet, but, going by Universal’s track record, we should expect to see all of the features from the standard definition DVD release. The Bourne Supremacy also had an In-Movie Experience-type feature (called “Bourne Instant Access”, and “presented by” Toshiba), so it would be nice if we get something similar for The Bourne Identity.

Posted: Monday, April 09, 2007 at 2:23 PM
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