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Third time’s a charm


In what is becoming something of an obsession for me, I’ve just ordered my third copy of Casino Royale on Blu-ray, and am hoping that this will finally be one that I am satisfied with. After discovering that the supposedly uncut Korean release did in fact feature the same censored PG-13 version of the film as its US counterpart (actually, an identical disc was released in both territories, right down to the “Made in the USA” text on the disc label), I vowed to be more careful about my double-dips in future. However, several independent sources have now confirmed that the film has been released uncut on Blu-ray in both Australia and Scandinavian territories, and that, contrary to previous suspicions, it is in fact a multi-region (ABC) rather than Region B release. This makes the US/Chinese/Korean/Thai Region A release the only one to be region coded - ironic, considering that it features the most butchered of all the cuts of the film.

I was going to pick up the Australian version, simply for the convenience of having English text on the cover (silly, I know), but unfortunately it has sold out at EzyDVD, my regular port of call for Aussie discs. Instead, I headed over to Finnish site Filmifriikki and placed an order for the local disc from that country.

Once I have my hands on a copy of the film that I’m happy with, you can probably expect me to finally get round to that review I’ve been intending to provide for so long.

Posted: Monday, April 16, 2007 at 9:36 PM
Categories: Blu-ray | Cinema | Reviews

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