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I completed the online pre-registration process for my PhD on Tuesday, and I now finally have some definite dates for the start of the course. I need to attend a group meeting with my adviser of studies on Thursday September 20th, followed by registration and fee payment a week later, on Thursday September 27th. My starting date for my course is listed in my online student account as Thursday October 4th (they really like their Thursdays, don’t they?), but I’m going to get in touch with Theatre, Film & Television Studies to confirm this, in case the department itself has different plans.

I think I can safely assume at this stage that my application for funding was unsuccessful, as the documentation says that I should have heard by the end of July at the latest. Therefore, it’s high time I think one fictional deity or another for the four and a half months of full-time work I did for the NHS between March and August, because I can definitely afford the £1,620 fee for the first year. Apparently I can re-apply for funding next year, but after that I won’t be given any further chances to make my case.

Fun times ahead! I just hope that I’m sufficiently far into the Giallo Project by the time I start that I have some definite ideas about how I want to approach this affair.

Posted: Thursday, August 30, 2007 at 9:51 PM
Categories: Cinema | General | Gialli | PhD

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