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Disney have confirmed that they intend to release Pixar’s latest film, Ratatouille, on Blu-ray on November 6th, the same day as Cars and the Pixar Short Film Collection. In addition to the ubiquitous 1080p transfer and PCM 5.1 audio, this release will also feature “a new documentary on the making of the film, deleted scenes and the short film ‘Your Friend the Rat.’ ” In addition, the Blu-ray version will include an exclusive game (yawn) and a “Cine-Explore” mode, which, according to Disney, is “the ultimate behind-the-scenes innovative experience”. Of course, it’s anyone’s guess what this means in practice - I’m hoping for something along the lines of a picture-in-picture commentary feature, but in reality it could well be nothing more than text-based factoids.

Either way, this is a must-have. I had the opportunity to see the film recently and, while it’s neither Pixar nor Brad Bird’s best (that would probably be Toy Story and The Incredibles respectively), it’s definitely very enjoyable and surprised me on more than a couple of occasions.

Shame about the cover.

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IRON GIANT is Bird's best, hands down.

Posted by: Anon, August 13, 2007 5:02 AM

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