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The Jungle Book coming to Blu-ray… oh wait, no it’s not

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A couple of days ago, the shills at announced that Disney’s classic The Jungle Book would be coming to Blu-ray on October 2nd, alongside the film’s Platinum Edition standard definition DVD release… then promptly retracted the statement, admitting that no, it actually wasn’t coming out. Their source appears to have been an issue of Home Media Magazine, whose editors got their wires crossed. A simple enough mistake, you might say - although did themselves no favours by beginning their rather official-sounding statement with “Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment has announced that…” The cynic in me sees this as pure Blu-ray: announce a major title and then swiftly retract it once you’ve got enough attention. may be a completely unofficial site, but they’ve certainly picked up the tricks of their idols. Then again, the HD DVD camp can’t exactly talk, given their official announcement then retraction that several Spielberg titles would be coming to the format.

Disney themselves quickly rectified the matter, categorically stating that there are currently no plans to release The Jungle Book on Blu-ray. Those who want classical Disney animation (i.e. not Chicken Little or The Wild) in HD will have to wait till Autumn 2008, when Sleeping Beauty will be making its Blu-ray debut, at around the same time as Pixar’s Finding Nemo (which I’ll definitely be buying - the standard definition transfer for that film is by far Pixar’s worst to date).

Posted: Sunday, August 19, 2007 at 8:49 PM
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