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LA Times: “Warner’s next”

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I don’t make a habit of reporting on every rumour that crops up in the high definition format war, because, frankly, the vast majority of it is complete nonsense. However, this particular article, which comes from the Los Angeles Times, caught my eye, as it quotes “Hollywood insiders” as saying that

[t]he brinkmanship is intensifying. Another major studio, Warner Bros., is being courted by both camps and believed to be mulling over a lucrative offer that could bring such popular titles as “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” into the HD DVD camp, according to Hollywood insiders who requested anonymity because the talks were confidential.

(Full article here.)

Mr. Moneybags

Were this to come to pass, it would be huge. It should be no secret that both sides are likely to be actively courting the studios and making very lucrative offers in exchange for exclusivity deals - it’s a business, after all - so it stands to reason that there is a hint of truth in the article, whatever its source. After Paramount’s shock decision to support only HD DVD, both sides will have upped their game substantially. If Warner is actually actively considering renouncing their neutrality, then I honestly believe the writing could be on the wall for Blu-ray: as one forum poster put it, Warner, despite their neutrality, are basically Blu-ray’s biggest supporter. True, many of their releases are HD DVD-only, but they have given a massive number of titles to the Blu camp, and their back catalogue is arguably the most impressive of all the majors.

The gloves are well and truly off. The next few months are going to be very interesting.

PS. Have a look at how the Blu-ray die-hards (or “Smurfs”, as they are coming to be known with increasing regularity), are coping with these latest rumours, in this handy collation of posts over at High Def Forum.

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These rumors have been cropping up more and more lately. I find it amusing that most movie fans want the war to asap instead of dragging on like it is. The longer it drags on the better it serves consumers since it is the war between the two sides which has driven down the prices. I can't wait for the next phase when each side starts cutting prices on the movies and not just the players.

Posted by: Meddle, September 11, 2007 7:59 PM


I think you’re probably right, Middle, and it’s not just prices that have been driven down - I believe the war has forced both sides to up their game and improve their content. I suspect that, if not for the ongoing battle, Sony would still be using MPEG2 and BD25s as standard, while by the same token the HD DVD studios have been encouraged to innovate in terms of their bonus content, with web-enabled extras and so on. Competition is always a good thing.

I think that price-wise the discs themselves are pretty reasonable. I buy most of mine (both formats) from DVD Pacific, and most of them aren’t much more expensive than a regular DVD (on the other hand, at most retail stores in this country, the prices are atrocious). HD DVD/DVD combos are a bit of a stinger, but there are less and less of them these days, with many of the older titles being re-released as HD DVD-only discs at more reasonable prices.

Posted by: Whiggles, September 11, 2007 8:04 PM


What really amazes me is people spending proud words about the fact that "you can find BR discs in computer stores! Now! Ready to burn! For a great backup experience!".

Oh yes, sure, go pay 25 EUR (in Italy discs are incredibly overtaxed) for a single layer BD disc, and then burn it... with what? With a 500 EUR burner device, if you're lucky.

This could be an affordable backup for a company doing business, surely not for end users.

Posted by: MCP, September 12, 2007 7:59 PM

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