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Oh, nausea!

I got through the whole of today without feeling sick once. I put this down to my decision to stop taking the Regulan (which my GP told me was probably a wise move when I suggested it to him), which was emptying my bowels at an impressive rate but leaving me feeling like crap for several hours after each, erm, evacuation. By the way, the GP (a different one from the one who put me on the stuff in the first place) gave me a pretty thorough examination, but could find no obvious explanation as to why I have been experiencing the pains I’ve been feeling. He said there was a possibility that it had been brought on by a varicose vein, which would correct itself in time, but otherwise couldn’t offer any definitive diagnosis, and so has referred me to the hospital for an ultrasound, x-rays and the like. I’m feeling somewhat less worried now, though, because he obviously didn’t consider it to be anything life-threatening, and the pains do seem to have abated somewhat over the last 24 hours, which makes me wonder if they were partly being accentuated by anxiety. I know that, if you constantly worry about something, it’s always going to seem worse. Conversely, I managed to forget my aches and pains at various points throughout the day, which I take to be a good sign.


Unfortunately, the people responsible for mangling Suspiria (see my previous post on the issue here) seem to be doing their damnedest to make me feel as ill as possible. I got home from work this evening to find screen captures of the upcoming French 3-disc collector’s edition from Wild Side waiting for me, and, judging by them, the new French transfer looks just as bad, if not worse than, the Italian “definitive” DVD. I’ve cancelled my pre-order - if it looks this bad, then all the bonus materials in the world won’t convince me that it’s worth shelling out €30 for.


In more positive news, my HD DVD of Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket arrived today from I haven’t seen the previous 2006 HD DVD release of this film, but apparently it looked like crap, so I’m happy to report that this new remastered edition looks excellent, along the same likes as 2001: A Space Odyssey and The Shining rather than A Clockwork Orange and Eyes Wide Shut. Detail is excellent, and this is definitely one of the best-looking discs Warner have put out, regardless of when the film itself was made (they’ve put out plenty of HD releases of 2006 and 2007 films that look vastly inferior). This is another “major” film that I’ve yet to see, so I’m looking forward to sitting down to watch both it and The Shining at some point in the near future.

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Re: Wild Side SUSPIRIA

At there are two recent stories in French re: the Wild Side SUSPIRIA DVD. One story is a review of the DVD. The review basically says that the Wild Side DVD has the same defects as the Italian DVD. This review gave rise to a pro/con discussion. The second story is the same (?) reviewer´s rebuttal article, a long story in French, the gist of which is a/ Wild Side did their own restoration from 35mm materials, and did not port the Italian dvd, b/ Tovoli and Argento said OK to their work, c/ the reviewer does a screencap comparison (ABUS vs Wild Side)with new caps (not the caps with the offensive blown-out highlights) supported by some acceptable arguments pro-Wild Side: there should be no blue filter in the airport exterior because "the nightmare hasn´t started yet", new subtleties in the colour scheme can now be seen, increased brightess in the bedside scene is OK, the writing on the wall now has the intended gold colour, and the last scene should have red filter, not blue filter (why?)
and d/ this discussion has inescapable aspects of personal taste judgments, memories of cinema showings etc.

Big remaining problem: the review of the Wild Side DVD has caps showing the same blown-out highlights as the Italian DVD. Why are they there if this is not a port of the Italian DVD? Did Tovoli and Argento give the same instructions to the French and Italian telecine people? And of course, the Frenchman defends the French DVD with some other caps showing some pro points over the ABUS.

No review I´ve seen discusses these new DVDs in relation to earlier changes in audio, detailed at Which would be an interesting discussion.

Posted by: Stefan Andersson, November 16, 2007 9:48 AM


Someone, somewhere is lying and Wild Side is apparently trying, once again, to cover their asses since it won't be the first time that company is using other companies' masters (nothing wrong with that) and passing them as their own, most notably in their "Les Introuvables" collection where most of the titles can indeed be found in previous and very similar, usually region-1, editions. The French usually don't complain since they don't really look to other regions for their Dvd's and they instead tend to lavish WS with praise for bringing "hard-to-find" stuff to their attention.
Wild Side Dvd of Suspiria is obviously from the exact same master that was used for the Italian "definitive edition" and there was only one restoration made, plain and simple, and a dreadful one at that. The DvdRama "reviewer", and the term needs to be used very loosely here, has been caught merely selling us the company line and consequently looks like the blind lying fool that he is. His talking points are ludicrous (e.g. his justifying the lack of an English-language track) while in no way addressing the issues at hand, mostly the extreme over-saturation and the crazy change in color in the last shots. I'll wait until I see the release but I think this restoration was awfully botched. I don't believe Argento and Tovoli had anything to do with it and I'm pretty convinced Wild Side didn't know anything about it all until the talk started and they've gone since into damage-control mode, basically lying through their teeth.
Only my opinion obviously, but the only way I can figure out to explain this amazing mess.

Posted by: Didier Gertsch, November 19, 2007 12:21 AM

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