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I know where you got those peepers


Source: Mobius Home Video Forum

You know, after his earlier run-in with the law, I would have thought that filmmaker Victor Salva would have been more careful to avoid indulging in any more suspect behaviour. Not so, however, for it turns out that we can add “plagiarism” to his roster of unsavoury deeds.

On YouTube, there is a very interesting video highlighting the undeniable similarities between the first act of Salva’s film, Jeepers Creepers, and an episode of Unsolved Mysteries, a 1980s US television series that re-enacted various true crimes. After watching the clips, I think you’ll agree that this is not mere coincidence but a case of outright theft. It’s certainly given me cause to reconsider just why the first act of Jeepers Creepers was so much better than what followed it.

Posted: Friday, December 14, 2007 at 9:29 PM
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