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The Razzies may be where it’s at, but it seems that another awards ceremony has been set up in mockery of the Golden Raspberries! Calling itself the Oscars, the notion behind this two-bit stunt is to celebrate positive achievements in the film industry. What’s that all about?

Anyway, all joking aside, you can read the full list of nominees here. Once again, I haven’t seen too many of the titles listed (I tend to be a bit slow off the mark in that regard, due to my lack of visits to the cinema), but of the ones I have seen, I think Viggo Mortensen’s Best Actor nomination for Eastern Promises is more than deserved, and I’ll be rooting for Ratatouille in the Best Animated Film category. (Ratatouille is also up for two other awards, Music [Score] and Writing [Original Screenplay], but as I know next to nothing about the competition in these categories, I can’t really comment.) It’s nice, too, if slightly predictable, to see Michael Moore’s Sicko in the Documentary Feature category, although, given that it’s the only documentary released in the last year that I’ve seen, once again I don’t feel qualified to comment on it. I also note that the brilliant Sarah Polley is also up for her first ever Oscar nomination, albeit in the Writing (Adapted Screenplay) category, for her feature length directorial debut, Away From Her, rather than for her better known talent, her acting ability.

Once again, however, I find myself wincing the further down the page I go and the more entrants I read for the more minor categories, like Sound Design and Makeup. While I’m not about to claim that the sound effects in Transformers are unworthy of praise, or that the various guises in which Eddie Murphy appears in Norbit are cack-handedly executed, there’s something very wrong with the notion that the latter film can now legitimately be described as an “Academy Award nominee”. (At least the fact that it is also up for eight Razzies helps soothe that stinging wound - not that it would be the first time this happened by any stretch.) I’ve said this before, but I’m convinced that the “smaller” categories should have a different name compared to the more significant ones like Best Picture and Best Director. Mini-Oscar, maybe, or Oscar Jr? Anything to prevent people from thinking that bloody Norbit is worthy of some sort of recognition.

Oh, and another thing that irks me: The Bourne Ultimatum in the Best Editing category. For all that film’s strengths, I really don’t see its editing as one of them. The trend of ultra fast, confusing cutting is really not one that I’m particularly eager to see celebrated.

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I have not seen any of those movies, except Eastern Promises and in my opinion Viggo Mortensen deserves some recognition for his solid performance, the man is a method actor through and through and I can appreciate his effort to display such authenticity on-screen. To be fair Tommy Lee Jones is usually excellent too, he is so natural in his roles, so perhaps he is a contender, but I bet you the charmer, Depp takes it. I can see it now.

Posted by: Avanze, January 22, 2008 4:30 PM


I've seen "Juno" (great film with an Argento reference in case you guys missed its thread on DD), "Sweeney Todd", "Eastern Promises", "La Mome" (or "La Vie en Rose" as it was called here), and "Sicko".

Marion Cotillard NEEDS to win Best Actress, it's seriously one of the greatest performances on film I've ever seen. I've never been more impressed wince Ellen Burstyn in REQUIEM FOR A DREAM.

Posted by: Marcus, January 22, 2008 9:13 PM


I have nothing against Michael Moore but SICKO wasnt a representation of the real health situation. He doesnt deserve to win.

And sorry but some films at the Razzies are actually better then some nominated at the Oscars...

And NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN better win!!

Posted by: ARCVILE, January 23, 2008 3:06 AM


Of the Best Picture nominees, I've seen "Atonement", "Juno" and "Michael Clayton". None of them strike me as being worthy of the highest nomination, but then again 2007 was a rather weak year in some respects; don't get me wrong, "Juno" and "Clayton" are solid 8/10 films (and I think "Clayton" will grow on me when I pick up the DVD), but in other years they certainly wouldn't be on that list. Actually, "Juno" strikes me as the token, kooky nomination that "Little Miss Sunshine" had last year - although "Juno" is the better film.

"Atonement", meanwhile, is hovering closer to the 7/10 mark as it verges on the beautiful whilst also spiralling down to the anaemic and stilted.

I have heard "There Will Be Blood" has been likened to American classics such as "Giant" and "Citizen Kane", so I'm obviously slavering to see that, especially since PTA made the near-classic "Magnolia" and the enigmatic "Punch Drunk Love". I hear Daniel Day Lewis is a shoe-in for Best Actor for his performance in this, too.

"No Country for Old Men" is a film I'm very keen to see, especially being such a big fan of the Coens'.

My favourite film from last year, having not seen "TWBB" and "NCfOM", was "Knocked Up" - very funny and very poignant. I similarly very much enjoyed "American Gangster" (Scott's direction and Washington's performance were highlights); I really want to see "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly", especially given the powerful true story on which it is based. "Gone Baby Gone" and the intriguing "I'm Not There" also appeal.

Posted by: Richard Booth, January 23, 2008 11:42 PM


I found KNOCKED up to be good and fun but I would never watch it again. These kind of "comedy" simply arent my cup of tea.

I was highly disapointed by AMERICAN GANGSTER. Again, Denzel played the usual Denzel and Crowe played the same old Crowe. Plus the film is completely devoid of style and substance.

NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN was my favorite film of last year. I aint such a fan of the Coen bros but this one was amazing!!!!

Posted by: ARCVILE, January 24, 2008 1:34 AM

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