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Are we completely without morals?


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The British Board of Film Censors has just recanted on yet another of their blasphemies, this time giving an 18 rating to the uncut version of Piero Schivazappa’s The Frightened Woman (reviewed here as part of my Giallo Project, even though it’s technically not a giallo). This film was previously classified in 1998, when it was subjected to 16 seconds of unspecified vandalism. The new release runs for 86 minutes and 3 seconds (PAL), and, according to the information issued by distributor Shameless Screen Entertainment, is approved by Schivazappa himself:

Rebuilding The Frightened Woman has been a labour of love but thanks to the work of genre expert Marc Morris the Shameless version of The Frightened Woman runs at 86m 03secs compared to the 83m 25 secs run time supplied by the licensor.

What became clear as Shameless compared all the known versions of The Frightened Woman was that various moments had been lost at different points in all of them. Some were merely shaved seconds; others changed the nuance of a scene or missed out important footage. These have been more than enough to prompt fans on the web to start cataloguing the differences with a prime example being this thread on the respected DVD Maniacs forum:…rightened+woman

In order to create this new Shameless version they have used a wide variety of source materials that widely vary in quality but they believe that the end result shows off the film in the complete form it has long deserved to be celebrated in including the correct colour palette.

Shameless have kept director Piero Schivazappa informed throughout the process and asked him to watch through it for them and see if he could give it his seal of approval. He kindly sat through it, with script in hand and felt that, “it is as faithful as it can be to the original script”, and was very happy to see the film brought back to life in this Shameless version declaring, “This IS the version of my film to watch.”

Shameless Screen Entertainment will release The Frightened Woman on DVD at £12.99 on 14th April, 2008. The Shameless director approved cut will run at 86m 03secs and is being released uncut by the BBFC for the first time in the UK. Presentation of the film is in restored 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen with a restored 2.0 mono soundtrack. The DVD includes an original theatrical trailer.

I shall definitely be picking up a copy. I’m just glad I held out and can now replace my grimy VHS-sourced dupe.

Happy Chocolate Egg Day, by the way.

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Nice find, Mike. Is it just my impression, or is the supply of new giallo/cult/horror releases drying up nowadays? There must still be many, many films unavailable on DVD, but maybe the source materials aren't available. Or perhaps the studios are gearing up for Blu-ray and losing interest in new titles.

Then again, I don't buy nearly as many DVDs as I used to, so maybe I'm just not keeping up to date.

Posted by: Philly Q, March 25, 2008 9:36 PM


I definitely think things have dried up to some extent in the last couple of years. Putting two and two together, I get the impression that there are two hurdles in the way of releasing titles such as these: (1) rights holders asking for extortionate fees for licensing, and (2) a lack of available shelf space, with releases from the big guns getting first dibs. There’s something to be said for supporting the few releases that are coming out, but when these releases consist of the likes of Tragic Ceremony (bottom of the barrel film, and an underwhelming transfer) and The Psychic (which actually manages to look worse than the existing bootleg that so many people seem to own), that task becomes somewhat tricky.

Posted by: Whiggles, March 26, 2008 7:56 PM

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