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Apparently they sell DVDs in shops now


As you probably know, I buy most of my DVDs online. Not only does it usually work out far cheaper than shopping for them on the high street, it’s also considerably more convenient too. Since getting a job in the centre of town, however, I’ve often found myself wandering around the nearby shops during my lunch break, without much else to do, and have come across the odd bargain or two.

One such quite unexpected find came last Wednesday, when I decided to have a peek inside the shop that used to be called Virgin Megastore but was recently rebranded under the utterly ridiculous name of “Zaavi” and as a result is now often as quiet as the grave. They were doing a “2 for £10” deal on selected television series box sets, one of which, the first series of Lewis, I’d been meaning to pick up for a while. (To put this into perspective, it currently goes for a whopping £24.99 just up the street at the local Borders.) There weren’t really any other titles in the offer that piqued my interest (why is that always the way?), so I eventually settled on a somewhat battered-looking copy of the Series 1 and 2 box set of Sugar Rush. I saw a few episodes of its second series when it was airing on TV a couple of years back, and while they weren’t exactly masterpieces (ex-Casualty writer Bryan Elsley’s Skins is, for my money, by far the better of Channel 4’s “stroppy teenagers screwing each other and getting wasted” dramedies), I can think of worse ways of spending an evening. Besides, it was only a fiver.

Oh, and while we’re on the subject of TV DVD sets, Waking the Dead’s sixth series is being released on May 19th, with the seventh series supposedly to begin airing a month or so ahead of that. Series 6 was, for my money, the weakest of the bunch (I said as much when it finished airing last February), but I would welcome the opportunity to see them again and re-evaluate them. Often, with Waking the Dead, an optimal two viewings or more is required in order to work out precisely what is supposed to be happening, and seemingly weaker episodes have a habit of transforming themselves once you’ve had a chance to actually figure out the plot.

Posted: Tuesday, April 01, 2008 at 2:27 PM
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