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Upgrade 2008

Above: Upgrade 2008

This is my first post from my new and improved computer. I ended up picking up the components I previously discussed a little earlier than I had originally expected, which means that I’ve effectively treated myself to an early birthday present (my birthday is at the beginning of July, and my parents have said they’ll give me some money towards this venture). The bits and pieces arrived yesterday, and setting them up went surprisingly smoothly, particularly considering that, in the past, I’ve always relied on more tech-savvy parents and siblings to assist me when putting together a computer. I’d estimate that building it from the ground up took a little under two hours, at which point I was free to put my feet up and watch as various installers grumbled and ground.

Given that I ported my old hard drives over to the new machine, I was rather hoping I could get away without reinstalling Windows, but this, alas, was not an option. Windows XP actually started up, which surprised me no end as Vista failed to boot as all, but it was in a more or less unusable state as every single component had been changed and the poor thing simply didn’t know what to make of all this new hardware. (The fact that I had no USB functionality was a pretty major problem as it meant I was without keyboard or mouse, hardly the best position in which to find yourself, as I’m sure you’ll agree.)

I’m running Vista currently, and my plan is to stick with it unless I come across any significant problems. As a backup plan, I installed XP on a secondary partition, but my plan is to leave it alone unless I absolutely have to use it. I’d much rather have a single operating system, and Vista’s DirectX 10 compliance provides a fairly significant incentive for gamers to use it. (Of course, you’ll have to wait ‘til I’ve had a chance to install a DirectX 10 game like Hellgate: London before I can actually provide some thoughts on it.)

No doubt I’ll run into the usual teething problems associated with a complete system overhaul (I’m still ironing out the kinks with my new sound card, for instance), but so far, I have to say that things have been a lot more painless than I had any reason to expect.

Posted: Friday, May 30, 2008 at 11:07 AM
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