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Get ‘em while they’re still lukewarm


I know I said I wouldn’t buy any more, but with the silly prices HD DVDs are going for in various stores, I thought it would be a shame to pass up the opportunity to pick up some mega-cheap titles. is currently selling off a whole bunch of titles for as little as £4.99 each, a steal when you consider the AV quality of some of them. I snagged King Kong, The Kingdom and Stardust, all of which popped through my letterbox this morning.

I watched The Kingdom this evening. An eye-pleasing transfer from Universal - not one of their best, but, when you consider how dreadful some of their releases look, particularly their catalogue titles, it could have been a hell of a lot worse. Actually, barring a small amount of ringing, it actually looks very nice, with a very pleasing amount of detail and commendably little artefacting, despite the amount of fast cutting and shakycam on display. I also found it a rather interesting film too, at least until it decided to abandon its loftier aims and turn into an old fashioned Men & Guns™ car chase/shoot-out extravaganza. That, and the constantly jittering camera made me feel fairly seasick.

Posted: Monday, June 09, 2008 at 9:43 PM | Comments: 1
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Yeah, this offer is great, I picked up A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, THE SHINING and EYES WIDE SHUT for under £19, plus I've got my eye on RIO BRAVO and V FOR VENDETTA. Hoping the US discs will go the same way so I can pick up DELIVERANCE for $5.

Posted by: Chris B, June 11, 2008 9:58 AM

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