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DVD review: Teeth

Teeth is ultimately a highly promising debut feature that’s unique enough for me to recommend it on that basis alone. It has considerably more going for it than merely being different, however, most notably an excellent lead performance from an extremely promising actress and a quirky, infectious sense of humour. It’s not entirely satisfying, and it’s not quite as brave as its provocative premise might suggest, but it’s entertaining, engaging, and even strangely endearing. Be prepared to cross your legs, though.

Cross your legs and lock up your sons - Dawn is on the prowl! I kick off a delightful “vagina dentata” double bill with a review of Dimension Extreme’s Region 1 release of Teeth, which proves the old adage that sex is indeed a weapon…

Posted: Saturday, July 19, 2008 at 6:58 PM
Categories: Cinema | DVD | Reviews

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