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Four Flies to get legit release

Roberto Tobias (Michael Brandon) corners a Paramount executive and forces him to relinquish the rights to Four Flies on Grey Velvet.

Above: Roberto Tobias (Michael Brandon) corners a Paramount executive and forces him to relinquish the rights to Four Flies on Grey Velvet.

Source: Horror-101

After German DVD outfit Retrofilm released a highly dodgy copy of Dario Argento’s lost giallo, Four Flies on Grey Velvet, last year, it was only a matter of time before the rights holders, Paramount, showed their hand. The megacorporation, notorious for sitting on the title for years and refusing to license it to interested parties, appear finally to have conceded and have sold the DVD rights to MYA Communication and Ryko Distribution, who will officially release the it in the US on February 24th, 2009. Not that this has anything to do with Retrofilm’s bootleg being such a hot commodity, my goodness no!

No specifications for the disc have been revealed yet, but it would be nice to think that a title as elusive as this will be granted some choice bonus features. I know absolutely nothing about MYA Communication, barring the suggestion, as per posters at the AV Maniacs forum, that they are an offshoot of the seemingly defunct NoShame Films. I hope they do this release justice: the film deserves to shine after so many years of being confined to grotty pirate copies.

Oh, and, in related news, a teaser for Argento’s upcoming film, Giallo, has materialised online. Quite apart from the eye-rollingly amateurish nature of the trailer, this looks like yet another project for hire for Argento, similar to his Masters of Horror hack jobs. I’ll wait ‘til I’ve seen it before making an actual judgement on it, but this footage doesn’t look particularly promising.

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It will be interesting to see how this pans out. I too, have a copy of the Retrofilm bootleg, and I simply love it, with its Grindhouse feel. Also, I honestly do not mind owning two copies of the same great film, being that Four Flies, in my opinion, is one of Argento's best old school Gialli.

As for Giallo, Argento's latest offering, it looks mediocre to me. A by-the-book thriller, which will, I expect, be compared to Nonhosonno. But the trailer did show fragments of that obsessive Argento psychology. We will see.

Posted by: ava, November 14, 2008 12:07 PM


Great news!
I've never even seen this one and I do like Argento quite a bit.
Incidentally, that's the same day that The Bird With The Crystal Plumage Blue Underground BD is scheduled for release.

Posted by: Daniel Sardella, November 14, 2008 4:39 PM


Trailer: it reminded me of a couple of then-succesful, now-obscure movies of the glitting Eighties: "Sotto il vestito niente" (Nothing underneath), part 1 and 2. They were both set in Milan, establishing the rocketing fashion world as a set for giallo action. They were not great thrillers, mind, but certainly good at depicting 80s weltanschauung in Italy.

There's also some trace of Lamberto Bava's "Le foto di goia": he dealt with models, too, although of a slightly different kind, and with photograp-obsessed bad guys. Same period of the above, but the movie was maybe a little better.

Posted by: MCP, November 14, 2008 6:20 PM


I'm picking up on this a bit late, but great news and about time!

The Retro DVD is OK really, but it'll be good to have a proper version at last.

Posted by: Philly Q, November 18, 2008 11:25 PM

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