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MGM have finally re-announced their delayed Blu-ray release of The Silence of the Lambs, originally scheduled for April 3, 2007. Almost two years on from its original release date, this title must have set some sort of world record for the longest delay on an HD title. (Of course, MGM continues to keep schtum about its sequel, Hannibal, but, given that it has already been released on Blu-ray in Germany, I’m not too fussed.)

No word yet on disc specifications, but, after waiting so long for it, it had better be something a little more impressive than MGM’s usual bare-bones MPEG-2 catalogue effort. Hopefully all of the extras from the previous MGM releases (I’m not holding out much hope for the Criterion-owned materials, such as the audio commentary) will be ported over, and I can safely retire my laser rot-affected 2001 UK 2-discer. Now, the big question is, will this feature the Tak Fujimoto-approved colour timing from the Criterion or the over-lit, watery look of the previous MGM DVDs? The pessimist in me strongly suspects the latter.

Posted: Tuesday, December 02, 2008 at 9:37 PM | Comments: 3
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The fact that it was scheduled for April 2007 is scary - it may have sat on the shelf like Carrie and we get a barebones MPEG-2 disc for our money.

Praying that's not the case!

Posted by: Bleddyn Williams, December 2, 2008 9:45 PM


Could I ask, how do you guys take the screenshots? I have a blu-ray drive in my PC but no means of taking screenshots. Please let me know?

Posted by: Luke, December 3, 2008 12:52 PM


According to a poster at AVS Forums Tak Fujimoto was responsible for both the Criterion transfer and the new MGM DVD transfer of a few years back.

Since Ronin is being released in America early next year and it's another back catalogue title of MGM's and it's going to be an MPEG2 releases on a BD-25 i fully expect this release to also get the MPEG2 BD-25 treatment.

If that happens then it's really not good enough and i hope hell opens up and swallows the person responsible because Silence Of The Lambs is an absolute classic and deserves the best possible treatment....They could easily license the Criterion commentary tracks but of course they won't because they are cheapskates.

I fear the worst for this great film....It's scary how an average comedy like Meet The Spartans can get a reference transfer but some classics get treated like **** ( put ur own word in place of the stars )

Posted by: FoxyMulder, December 3, 2008 6:00 PM

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