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When the hunter becomes the hunted


I watched the second episode of Dollhouse, The Target, this evening, and have come to the conclusion that it showed a marked improvement over the series premiere. Yes, the majority of the supporting cast are still as bland as they were in the pilot, but I felt that this one had more of a drive to it, the central storyline doing a better job of holding my attention and providing Echo with a personality more suited to Eliza Dushku’s acting and looks (sorry, but I just couldn’t buy her as a prim, strait-laced hostage negotiator last week). I detected a definite Deliverance vibe in this one, and it helped that Echo found herself facing off against a decidedly nasty antagonist this week - an outdoorsman who, tired of hunting defenceless animals, decided to move on to humans. The dialogue this week also struck me as a little more Whedonesque, although this episode was in fact written and directed by his old Buffy and Angel colleague, Steven S. DeKnight.

Incidentally, this episode provided a number of flashbacks which filled in some of the questions left unanswered in the pilot - such as what exactly happened to Amy Acker’s face? For the most part, they helped add a bit of background and texture to the world the series inhabits, but I personally hope this gimmick isn’t going to run throughout the series, Lost-style. A few expository flashbacks can be welcome, but pepper the entire series with them and I tend to find myself beginning to zone out.

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Do you know when and where Dollhouse might be making an appearance on UK TV?

Posted by: Paul, February 23, 2009 3:34 PM


I’m afraid I’ve no idea. I’d imagine it’ll show up at some point, but probably in some obscure time slot that no-one in their right mind would actually tune in for. Getting a hold of the US broadcasts, one way or the other, seems like the only real way to go.

Posted by: Michael Mackenzie, February 23, 2009 5:08 PM


Michael, just to pick up on your observation that the supporting cast aren't up to snuff. I thought in this second episode, the script - albeit in a rather obvious way - brought Harry Lennix's Boyd Langton character to life and based upon the 2 episodes I've seen the main scientist dude is quite funny. Plus, it may simply be me but I am loving Olivia Williams as Adelle DeWitt. Aside from rating her as an actress and being pleasantly surprised at her involvement in the show, the woman is a total bomb.

Posted by: Count Fosco, April 7, 2009 11:12 PM


I think Boyd has definitely developed as the series has progressed, but unfortunately I can’t help thinking the actor playing him is a little too inexpressive. He reminds me a lot of the character Carl Lumbly played in Alias - he had a similar function in that show, and the two actors even look rather alike.

As for the scientist guy - Topher - unfortunately, he reminds me far too much of Andrew, an extremely infuriating character in Buffy’s final two seasons. Okay, he’s not that bad, but in his portrayal the writers confuse “funny” with “annoying” in much the same way they did with that earlier character.

Posted by: Michael Mackenzie, April 7, 2009 11:21 PM

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